Beaches, community and easy living - why I find Antigua the perfect place to live

Beaches, community and easy living - why I find Antigua the perfect place to live

When I first moved to Antigua in 2008, friends and family back home were so intrigued about what life was like out here; what was different, what was similar and was it easy to settle down. Having come from the urban life of Israel there were plenty of differences, but we soon made new friends, discovered the areas outside the usual tourist attractions and could call the island Home.

14 years and 2 children later, I’m confident that whatever your reasons for moving, the island of Antigua has the natural beauty, community and services to make it a desirable and also easy place to live.

Here is what I like best about Antigua:

The outdoors life

There are few other places that offer as many beautiful beaches as Antigua. They range from calm stretches of turquoise sea, to dramatic cliffs, hidden coves and party spots. Beaches aren’t the only thing to do outdoors though. The island has a world famous sailing scene, an extensive network of hiking routes, watersports such as kitesurfing and wakeboarding, deep sea fishing and numerous boat trips.


As a small island, Antigua has a close sense of community. The island is very safe, with low crime rates and neighbors looking out for each other. The communities of Jolly Harbour and English Harbour benefit from established centers where you can always meet new friends and the North has lots of convenient facilities and cafes.


Antigua has a range of events which make for great entertainment. The Winter sees sailing taking center stage with Antigua Sailing week, Classics week and the RORC 2000 providing thrilling spectator opportunities and a great sense of atmosphere. Each year, rowers arrive in Antigua having raced from the other side of the Atlantic, turning English Harbour into a center for the world’s media. The summer sees Carnival sweep the island in a tide of color, music, dance and partying!.


While beaches and bars may be great, living in a place also requires good facilities. There are a number of modern, well stocked supermarkets and liquor merchants spread across the island with a wide range of imported as well as local products. Antigua can also boast an excellent International School - Island Academy. Following an International curriculum and the International Baccalaureate programme it regularly secures places for its students in UK and US universities and has children from over 20 countries. Antigua can also boast lots of diverse restaurants. From beach bars serving burgers to high end dining, there are many options across the island and many have made the top Caribbean restaurant lists for consecutive years.


As an English speaking island, Antigua is an easy place to settle and direct flights to New York, Miami, Toronto and London mean it’s also an easy place to reach. The airport is modern, well serviced and has multiple international flights every day.

If you do choose to make the move to Antigua, be it permanently or as a seasonal home, I hope you love it as much as I do!